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Beat, subversion, extremism, psychedelia, situations, the demonstrative, the errant, the proscribed, the carnivalesque, madness, the concrete, the macabre, protest, the occult, erotica, the primitive, surreal, marginal, punk, sounds, modernism and po-mo and the absurd by the RAF, Timothy Leary, Guy Debord, Black Panthers, Alex Trocchi, William Burroughs, Living Theatre, Cobbing, Brion Gysin, Aleister Crowley, AO Spare, Sex Pistols, Derrida, RD Laing Artaud et al.

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Joe Orton Inquest Story. Evening News.
Original newsstand poster. 76.5 x 44.2 cm., titles in red and black, offset, on newsprint. N.p. [London], n.p. [The Evening News], n.d., circa September 4th

SHARP, Martin Designer

Original posters with 3 as numbered copies and 1 'artists proof'. 8 x 100.8 x 73.7 cm., coloured inks silkscreened in églomise on transparent acrylic.i. -All you need, 10/10.ii -Boo-Zoom, 7/10.iii. - Comingiv. -Floatv. -Exclamationvi. Standingvii. The Flying Eye, 4/10.viii. Wot!, artists proof.N.p. [London], n.p. [Big O Posters Ltd.], signed and numbered in the stone and dated

MCCARTNEY, Paul as designer for

Indica Books And Gallery. Masons Yard Indica Off Duke St. St. James.
Original wrapping paper. 53.2 x 41.9 cm., titles in black block capitals, thin white cartridge type paper. N.p. [London], n.p. [Indica], n.d.,