Shantung, The Sacred Province of China.

FORSYTH Robert Coventry editor (1912.)

£850.00  [First Edition]

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First edition. 3 large folding maps, 40 leaves of plates and numerous illustrations in the text. 4to. Original green cloth, gilt, bookplate, stamps and blind-stamps of Manchester Public Free Libraries. Very slightly shaken but overall still a very good copy. [iv], viii, 427pp. [iv]pp. catalogue for Probsthain's Oriental Series bound at rear. Shanghai, Christian Literature Society, 

A large and compendium of essays about Shandong Province. Most of the contributions are written by missionaries but they include a wide range of subjects from 'Ancient Chinese Coinage', 'T'ai Shan: the sacred mountain of Shantung', an essay by Baron von Richthofen entitled 'Notes of the Province of Shantung', 'The Treaty Ports of Shantung', and 'The Imperial Post Office of Shantung'. Other essays deal with religious minorities ('Mohammedanism'), educational and philanthropic works ('Shantung from a Medical Standpoint'), as a essays on specific prefectures and important towns ('Tsinanfu, the Capital of Shantung'). There are also a large number off essays on pioneering efforts of Protestant missionaries in the province. The work is dedicated to Sun Baoqi (1867-1931), at the time governor of Shandong and soon to be made foreign minister following the founding of the Republic.

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