Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

LAWRENCE T.E. (1922.)


An unusually large group of individual leaves of the 1922 Oxford Times edition: 6 leaves, comprising three complete chapters of 2 leaves each. Three wraparound bands designed to hold the pairs of leaves together. The bands have every appearance of being contemporary, and two have marks in a characteristic proof-reader's or typesetter's blue crayon.  Fine blue morocco-lipped cloth case. Printed rectos only, two columns. [No place, no date] Oxford, privately printed at the Oxford Times.

The usual origin of individual leaves of the 1922 edition on the market is the copy that Lawrence broke up to send to subscribers of the 1926 edition, but this group is distinguished by a rather more interesting provenance, having been sent to Robin Buxton, comrade-in-arms to Lawrence during the war as commander of the Imperial Camel Corps, and later his bank manager and effectively the financier of the Subscribers' Edition of Seven Pillars. On Buxton's death his widow sold his papers to the London dealer Harry Mushlin, from whom these leaves and other important material were bought by the Canadian collector Bruce Tovee, and sold in his sale as lot 4 (hammer price $11,000) in his auction at Sotheby's New York in 1990. 

Two of the three chapters have particular Imperial Corps content, and so would have been of particular interest to Buxton: the third is the important chapter which discusses how widely disseminated the Sykes/Picot treaty was among the Arabs during the war.

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