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The Great Offensive Begun. Tremendous Fighting. German Front Line Occupied. Many Prisoners Captured...

Handbill measuring 325 by 160mm. Title and date also in Kanji. [Kobe] Sunday, July 2,

A rare survival. This fascinating report celebrating the success of the first day of the Battle of the Somme is at odds with what actually occurred. Relaying news from the front from Paris on June 30 and London on July 1, the broadside reports on the five mile advance of British troops and the capture of many German troops. "Many local actions were begun, together with and intensive bombardment and gas emissions, followed by infantry raids and surprise attacks, clearing out the enemy's first lines and taking prisoners." It appears to be very much an item of Allied propaganda. The reports of the fighting came through on the news wire from Reuters and Kokusai, Japan's first international press agency, which was headed by an American, John R. Kennedy.

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