Accurata Globi terrestris delineatio, qua Europa, Asia, Africa et America ...

SEUTTER Matthaus (ca. 1744].)


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"Pocket atlas" of six maps (world and five continents) each approximately 200 x 250 mm, in original wash colour, folded and housed in the original slipcase, 107 x 70 mm, with the original engraved pictorial title label. The South America is soiled with minor paper loss, the slipcase is slightly crushed. [Augsburg, 

Matthaus Seutter sr. (1678-1757) took the lesser travelled path from brewer to engraver, moving to Nurnberg in 1697 to apprentice under Johann Baptist Homann and later to Augsburg where he worked for Jeremias Wolff. He established his own printing house in about 1710. In this capacity he was head of one of the two major German cartographic publishers of the day, in competition with his former master Johann Baptist Homann, appointed Geographer to Emperor Charles VI. He published over 500 maps in a forty-year period.

His best known works are the folio atlases, the Atlas Geographicus oder Accurate Vorstellung der ganzen Welt (1725), the Atlas Novus (1730) and the Grosser Atlas (1734); these were composite atlases assembled at the request of the buyer, with hugely variable contents; copies of the Grosser Atlas are known with 300 maps.

He also published the Atlas Minor, (1744) containing 64 maps. The Accurata Globi terrestris delineatio is composed of six maps prepared from Seutter's Atlas Minor, a successful attempt to recast the materials assembled in the preparation of his large folio maps (and atlases) for a less affluent, middle-market, audience.

Produced at the height of his powers, it was the best atlas of its size available in Germany.

This playing card size version, with purpose engraved title label illustrated with figures personifying the four continents, is very rare. OCLC locates but two copies, a complete copy at the SLNSW with six maps (as here) and an incomplete one at the University of Amsterdam (with only three maps).


Nordenskiold Collection Catalogue, II, 283: the Atlas Minor.

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