A Voyage to Abyssinia,

SALT Henry (1814.)

£1500.00  [First Edition]

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and Travels into the Interior of that Country, executed under the Orders of the British Government, in the Years 1809 and 1810... First edition. Eight maps, 2 vignettes & 27 plates. 4to. Nineteenth-century half morocco. xviii, 506, lxxvpp. London, Rivington,

In January 1809 the traveller and archaeologist Salt (1780-1827) was sent to Abyssinia by the British government to report on the state of the country, and to cultivate friendly relations with the tribes on the Red Sea coast. "He was unable to proceed to the king at Gondar, but delivered the presents of ammunition and richly ornamented arms to the Ras of Tigre, whom he delighted with a display of fireworks. Salt again reached England on 11 January, 1811. He subsequently received an affectionate letter from the Ras: "How art thou, Hinorai Sawelt? Peace to thee, and may the peace of the Lord be with thee! Above all things, how art thou, my friend, Hinorai Sawelt?'" (DNB).

The plates show views, costumes, portraits, architecture as well as some of the works of art of the region. Gay, 2683; Pankhurst, 12.

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