Gennem Wahhabiternes Land paa Kamelryg

RAUNKIÆR Barclay (1913.)

£1500.00  [First Edition]

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Beretning om den af det Kongelige Danske Geogtafiske Selskab plantagte og Bekostede Forskningsrejse i Ost-og Centralarabien 1912. First edition. Portrait frontispiece & large folding map, with numerous illustrations in the text (these both photographic & taken from the author's drawings). 8vo. Very good original pictorial cloth, gilt. 304pp. Copenhagen,

"Early in 1912, the Dane Barclay Raunkiaer travelled in eastern Arabia on behalf of the Royal Danish Geography Society to reconnoiter for a proposed Danish expedition into the Southern desert. Various parts of Raunkiaer's route (Kuwait-Buraida-Riyadh-al-Hufuf-'Ujair) coincided with parts of the journeys of Palgrave (1862), Guarmani (1864), Pelly (1865), Doughty (1878) and Shakespear. Raunkiaer's scientific intentions were largely thwarted by practical problems, but his account of Kuwait in 1912 was praised by T.E. Lawrence, and he was the first European to visit Riyadh for fifty years. In Riyadh he met 'Abd al-Rahman Ibn Sa'ud father of Abd al-'Aziz Ibn Sa'ud. While in Kuwait Raunkiaer became seriously ill; he never recovered and he died in 1915 aged twenty-five" (Cottrell, The Persian Gulf States: a General Survey).

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