Task Force 43 Ashtray.



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Brass ashtray with Operation Deep Freeze Task Force 43 coat of arms embossed on base. Eyelet affixed to underside to enable wall mounting. 155mm diameter. circa

Operations Deep Freeze I-III were the United States contribution to the International Geophysical Year, 1957-58. The preliminary mission objective for Task Force 43 was to build and expand scientific bases on the Antarctic continent, and to install an airstrip at McMurdo Sound to facilitate aircraft access for subsequent operations. With Commodore Richard Byrd captaining the USS Wyandot, the US Navy saw an opportunity to capitalise on this distinguished Antarctic veteran's increasing fame to publicise the endeavour by inviting Walt Disney Studios to collaborate on a series of motion picture documentaries. Walt Disney also offered their assistance in designing the emblem for the Task Force, which is attractively rendered on this commemorative ashtray. The four components of the crest represent a naval icebraker, a DC-4 aircraft, a penguin for Antarctica and a bee to symbolise the "SeaBees". Otherwise known as the Unites States Construction Battalions, the SeaBees were a specially trained engineer division of the US Navy founded after Pearl Harbour to avoid skilled civilian contractors illegally having to take arms in unprecedented conflict scenarios. In gratitude for furnishing the Task Force with this emblem, Walt Disney himself was made an honorary member of the expedition. 

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