Borneo. Remarks on a Recent "Naval Execution".

NAPIER William Lieutenant-Governor of Labuan (1850.)

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First edition. Folding, partly coloured map & lithograph plate. 8vo. Modern binding of quarter calf with cloth boards and leather spine label, gilt on black, map is very slightly torn at the margin, without loss, very good indeed. 47pp. London, Effingham Wilson, 

Scarce. Napier's strident attack on James Brooke, the first Raja of Sarawak.

Brooke's rise to power was partly due to the favour he gained through an ongoing campaign against the Dayaks who had formed alliances with the sultan of Brunei's sherifs and were assisting in pirate raids as far north as Sumatra. The most notorious of these occured on the night of 31 July 1849, when Brooke engaged Captain Arthur Farquhar's ships to attack the Dayaks of the Saribas. The battle of Beting Marau at the mouth of the Saribas resulted in the killing of over 1000 Dayaks. 

Napier wrote out of concern that Brooke's actions weren't attracting sufficient notice in the English press. As such he outlines Brooke's ascent to power and various qualifications that he sought to overcome in his campaign. He reprints notices from Thomas Cochrane condemning piracy in the region and cites articles from the Illustrated London News, Journal of the Indian Archipelago and the Singapore Free Press. Napier minutely examines the accounts of the punitive expedition and questions Brooke's actions at every point.

The maps is titled: "Sketch chart of part of the north west coast of Borneo exhibiting the relative positions of the British settlement of Labuan the territory of Sarawak and the precise locality of the surprise and massacre of the Sarebas and Sakarran Dyaks, on the Night of July 31st 1849." The plate illustrates the massacre. 

A number of tip-in slips with Donald Hawley's manuscript notes are inserted.


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