“The Last King of Portugal and Maggs: an Anglo-Portuguese Alliance” by Clara Macedo Cabral:  

MACEDO CABRAL, Clara (2015.)


Hardcover limited edition of 400 numbered copies with decorated endpapers, fully illustrated throughout, including two foldout plates. Wales, The Gomer Press.

The book traces the fascinating association of Maggs Bros. with D. Manuel II (1889–1932), the last King of Portugal who lived in exile in Twickenham having been expelled by the revolution of 1910. After World War I, the King asked Maggs to assemble a collection of the finest Portuguese books printed before 1600. For thirteen years Maggs sourced rarities through which King Manuel intended to display the high-points of Portuguese history: The golden era of navigations, discoveries and conquests, but also of achievements in literature and science during the era of his predecessor and namesake King Manuel I (1469-1521). The King’s library is nowadays housed at the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa in accordance with his last wish donating it to the Portuguese People. Due to a curious twist of history the King had an enormous influence on the history of the company down to its location in Berkeley Square. “One could say that, without the Portuguese connection, Maggs would not be what it is today…  Maggs was as lucky to find D. Manuel as he was to have found Maggs”.

This book comes out at a time when Maggs is facing the end of an era at Berkeley Square where they have been based for almost 80 years. The firm is about to relocate to new premises where they hope to continue supplying book-lovers throughout the world for many generations to come. 

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