Breve [Cum sicut accepimus] ...Innocentii X... Bref de ... sur le differend d'entre l'euesque d'Angelopolis

INNOCENT X, Pope (1648)


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ou colonie dite des Anges, en la nouvelle Espagne...Contenant la decision de plusieurs cas importans touchant la iurisidiction episcopale, & les privileges des reguliers.Text in parallel columns Latin (italic) & French (Roman). Folio. Modern blue half calf, spine gilt. 20pp. Paris, A.. Vitré

Juan de Palafox y Mendoza (1600-1659) was appointed in 1639 Bishop of Pueblo de los Angeles in Mexico by Felipe IV. His disagreement with the Jesuits over various matters such as the licence to preach or hear confessions, but basically whether they were subject to episcopal control, was referred to Rome and Pope Innocent ruled (14 May 1648) in favour of the bishop, at the same time urging him to be more accommodating towards the Jesuits. The Bref contains some interesting mentions of economic activity by the Jesuits and other regulars, such as mining and sugar manufacture, as well as holding shops near their colleges or convents ('"apothecas quarumcumque mercium, macella, & similia..." "toutes sortes de merceries, & des boucheries..."). He returned to Spain and was created Bishop of Osma, but died at a relatively young age.

The initial paragraph, which begins 'Cum sicut accepimus' is dated 16 April 1648, but the date of the complete document at the end is 14 May 1648. The Brief was originally printed in Rome by the Camera apostolica in 1648 (no copy located), and this Paris reprint was itself reprinted at Paris in 1659 (copy at Harvard). This is one of a number of papal documents dealing with this matter, one of which dated 24 May 1648, is in Spanish and was printed in Pueblo de los Angeles in 1649 (Medina no. 23). Alden 648/38; Sabin 7704.

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