Journal d'un Voyage dans l'interrieur de 'Afrique, fait  en 1790 et 1791, par Jaques Van Reenen et autre Colons du Cap de Bonne-Esperance, a la recherche de l'equipage du Grosvenor, vaisseau de la Compagnie des Indes orientales angloise, echoue en 1782 sur la cote des Caffres; avec la decouverte des Hambonaas, nation totalement differente des Caffres, et placee au dela de celle connue sous le nom de Tamboukies.

VAN REENEN Jacob; RIOU Edward (1798)


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First French edition.   8vo.   Original wrappers  with  leather backed chemise and slipcase.   78, [1]ads. pp.  Paris, Jansen,

Originally printed in an English translation( 1792,  100 copies only) from van Reenen's  Dutch ms.  then re-translated  back into Dutch ( Leyden,1793) and here thirdly offered in French, but according to Mendessohn with " some matter not included in the original edition"

Van Reenen lead a party of twelve in order to find the wreck and determine if there were any survivors.  They covered new ground and made contact with a tribe the "Hambonaas"  who had looked after three girls,  apparently saved from the wreck.  They wanted to stay until their crops had been harvested and were allowed so to do... their fate is unrecorded.

Mendelssohn Vol. 1 652/3

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