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A Geographical Historie of Africa, Written in Arabicke and Italian by Iohn Leo a More, borne in Granada, and brought up in Barbarie. Wherein he hath at large described, not onely the qualities, situations, and true distances of the regions, cities, townes, mountaines, rivers, and other places throughout all the north and principall partes of Africa; but also the descents and families of their kings, the causes and events of their warres, with their manners, customes, religions, and civile government, and many other memorable matters: gathered partly out of his own diligent observations, and partly out of the ancient records and Chronicles of the Arabians and Mores. Before which, out of the best ancient and moderne writers, is prefixed a generall description of Africa, and also a particular treatise of all the maine lands and Iles undescribed by Iohn Leo. ... Translated and collected by Iohn Pory, lately of Gonevill and Caius College in Cambridge.
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