A Record of his Travels: A Mecca Pilgrim's House at Cairo.

BOYD Alexander Stuart ([1902].)


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Drawn by... From a Photograph by Major J[ohn] Fortune Nott. Original gouache en grisaille, c. 14" x 10½", on board. Picture caption tipped to the lower edge. For the Graphic, dated 1 Mar[ch] 1892, verso, but

"A man who has once made a pilgrimage to Mecca is entitled to wear a green turban for the rest of his days, is given a title descriptive of his holy character, and allowed to paint scenes on the outside of his house which will recall to his mind events that occured on his journey to the sacred tomb. In Cairo such houses are frequently seen in the narrow streets of the native quarter. The drawings which suggest the rude chalk sketches made by schoolboys on a wall, are nearly always of the same character - strings of camels and donkeys, the train and a steamer or two, together with dancing girls and palm trees painted in with the brightest of bright colours."

Boyd was born in Glasgow in 1854 and worked as a landscape and genre painter and also as an illustrator and cartoonist contributing to the Glasgow based Quiz and also such publications as Punch, Graphic, Daily Graphic &c.. He also illustrated a number of books by his wife Mary Stuart Boyd. Emigrated and died in New Zealand in 1930.

Nott was born in London, but emigrated to Canada becoming a Major in the Canadian Rifles, he retired in 1891. He published a book of his animal photographs, taken at London Zoo, in 1886, Animals Photographed and Described.

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