Mayen Wells - Halfway to Senafe.

BAIGRIE, Major Robert (1867)


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Original sepia watercolour, c. 14" x 18". Very good, at present framed and glazed. October,

The captioning verso reads, "This picturesque halting ground has only sprung into existence within the last few weeks since "Norton's" pumps have been brought into play, and the nearly thirty mile march has been divided. There was only an old disused well here before but now the pumps yield 700 gallons of water an hour - sufficient for our long trains of weary mules & camels."

Merewether comments upon this in a letter sent to Charles Gonne, Secretary to the Government, Bombay, on 2nd January 1868, "I am happy to be able to report that the well first sunk at Maiyen has proved a complete success. On the 28th ultimo the whole of the horses of the 9-14 Royal Artillery obtained a sufficiency of water, and on the 29th ultimo, when we encamped for the day there, though every endeavour was made to draw the well dry, it could not be done... Maiyen may now be used as a place to halt troops at for the day, and the long march from Upper Sooroo to Raree Geddee is now no longer necessary." [Correspondence relative to the Abyssinian Expedition pp.125-6. See item XXX]

This drawing was reproduced as a full-page steel-engraving in the ILN, April. 4, 1868, under the title, "The Expedition to Abyssinia: The Mayen Wells; Halfway to Senafe." [See item XXX.]

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