The Memorable Attack upon the French Camp on the Hills of Famars near Valenciennes by the Hanoverian Corp de Garde & Combined Armies under the Command of His Royal Highness on the 23rd of May 1793.

BROWN, Mather (1796)


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Stipple-engraving, c.19" x 24". Slightly browned, but overall very good. Danl. Orme, Feby. 1st,

Born in Boston, Brown came to England in 1781 and studied at the studio of Benjamin West. He attracted the attention of Prince Frederick Augustus, later Duke of York, and in 1788 became his Historical Painter. The present work shows the Duke commanding the British contingent in the capture of the French Camp at Famars, which allowed for the rapid subjugation of Valenciennes. Brown produced the painting on which this print was based in competition with Loutherbourg, who had accompanied the expedition and exhibited his The Grand Attack on Valenciennes at the Historic Gallery in Pall Mall in 1794. "The advertisement for [Brown's print] stressed the authenticity of the work by stating that Brown had experienced for himself a siege of a town (Boston in 1775) during a heavy bombardment. The picture was as authentic as Loutherbourg's and many of the portraits were taken from life, but whereas the former picture was more panoramic in aspect, Brown focused on a close-up view of the battle in order to introduce portraits; it was more narrative and theatrical with its concentration on the human element." [Harrington British Artists and War p.70]

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