Posthumous Poems.

SHELLEY Percy Bysshe (1824.)

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First edition. 8vo., without the errata-leaf (which is claimed to be an early issue point), internally fine, later red morocco gilt extra, morocco doublures, by Zaehnsdorf. London, Printed for John and Henry L. Hunt.

Scarce: Shelley's father opposed its publication and withdrew Mary Shelley's allowance until she withdrew the book from sale. The volume includes "Julian and Maddalo", "The Witch of Atlas", "Fragments from an Unfinished Drama", "Prince Athanase", "Ode to Naples", and fifty-seven miscellaneous poems and fragments. Most importantly, the volume contains Shelley's last and unfinished poem, "The Triumph of Life", which (according to Neville Rogers) "was to have marked a new and important path in the wanderings of Shelley's careful thought".Mary Shelley's preface is a touching memorial; "No man was ever more devoted than he, to the endeavour of making those around him happy; no man ever possessed friends more unfeignedly attached to him. The ungrateful world did not feel his loss, and the gap it made seemed to close as quickly over his memory as the murderous sea above his living frame. Hereafter men will lament that his transcendent powers of intellect were extinguished before they had bestowed on them their choicest treasures. To his friends his loss is irremediable: the wise, the brave, the gentle, is gone for ever ! He is to them as a bright vision, whose radiant track, left behind in his memory, is worth all the realities that society can afford. before the critics contradict me, let them appeal to any who had ever known him: to see him was to love him". Grannis 78; Tinker 1904; Wise, p. 70.A handsome copy, in a turn of the century binding.

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