Drop Dead Gorgeous.

MARYATT Kitty (2019.)


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Fully illustrated in colour. Large 8vo., 109pp, original publisher's 'perfect' binding with covers decorated after Sonia Delaunay. Printed for Kitty Maryatt at the Autumn Press, Berkeley.   

The exhibition catalogue for Kitty Maryatt's travelling exhibition of fine bindings inspired by her pochoir recreation of Sonia Delaunay and Blaise Cendrar's La Prose du Transsibérien, first held at the San Francisco Center for the Book in 2019. Including full descriptions and photographs of each featured binding, along with a comprehensive explanation of Kitty Maryatt's research and recreation of Delaunay's original pochoir techniques, forming one of the most thorough guides to the subject available in the English language. 

Kitty describes the Delaunay's achievement best in her introduction to this catalogue:

"La Prose du Transsibérien is the armature on which the drop dead gorgeous bindings in this exhibit are built. Originally folded and bound in a simple vellum case, the 1913 book explodes into the space you occupy when opened, forcing you to change from a private to a public viewing, a dramatic change in the reading experience. Sonia Delaunay virtually dominates the book, commanding your attention immediately when the book opens with her vibrant, sinuous colours leading you inexorably to the Eiffel Tower. The prose poem by Blaise Cendrars performs its own spectacle in blazing colour, taking liberties with poetic form and guiding you on a journey of surprising typographic experiences. For her second act, Sonia Delaunay penetrates the poem with color, reinforcing the shape of the poem. A book with such vitality screams out to the binder: see what you can do with me. This exhibition was inspired by the celebrated binder Paul Bonet, who in 1964, designed an extraordinary binding for a copy of La Prose"

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