A Genealogy of Morals. Poems.

GRAY, John, tr. ; NIETZSCHE, Friedrich (1897)

£415.00  [First Edition]

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Translated by William A. Haussmann and John Gray. Edited with a brief introduction by Alexander Tille, Vol. X of the Works of Friedrich Nietzsche. First edition. 8vo., original green cloth. New York: The Macmillan Company; London: Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,

FIRST EDITION, preceding the English edition by two years. This first edition not listed in Sewell. Nine integral pp. ads at end for The Macmillan Company, New York, all priced in dollars. Gray's extensive translations occupy pp. 229-289. Very good copy. The edition was planned to be of eleven volumes, of which three only were published.

The poetry section, totalling some 60 pages at the rear remains an obscure enterprise by Gray. Sewell doesn't mention it at all in his life of Gray, McCormack refers to it only in passing, and none of the translations appear to have been collected. This is puzzling. Its neglect may relate to the British reputation of the editor Alexander Tille, professor at Glasgow University. He was a key figure in cultural transmission between Britain and Germany in the late nineteenth century, and something of a bellwether of the increasing tension between the two nations. He was a committed Social Darwinist and a member of the Pan German League, Alldeutscher Verband. In the wave of anti-German sentiment that was building in Britain at the end of the nineteenth century, he became a target, which led to a "climax on 23 February 1900. Some 500 students gathered in front of the university's German class-room, singing patriotic songs while awaiting the arrival of the German lecturer, Dr Tille. On arriving, he refused to enter the room and made an effort to escape. The students set upon him and threatened to throw him into the River Kelvin. Together with several other Professors, Tille was “unceremoniously shoved into a class-room, where they were kept prisoners for some time. Dr Tille suffered somewhat hard usage at the hands of the students, and several of them possessed themselves of portions of his gown.”" He resigned his lectureship soon after, and on his return to Germany published the confrontational anti-British book Aus Englands Flegeljahren

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