FUNAZAKI Eri (2017, 2018.)


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No. 1 of 5 copies. 11.3x25.8cm. Text handset using Baskerville 14pt individual metal type and the illustrations printed by letterpress from metal plates and finished with gold leaf and blind tooling. Fine binding by Eri Funazaki completed in 2018, full dark burgundy goatskin, upper cover with an image of planets printed by letterpress and laminated with vellum then onlaid into the recessed areas, recessed dotted lines with white leather onlay, title and stars with hand tooled gold and white gold leaf, top edge sprinkled with gold leaf. Hand sewn endbands. The paper doublures and flyleaves have images printed by letterpress and were additionally hand tooled with gold and white gold leaf. London, Flynn & Funazaki.

The UNNECESSARIES project started a little over a year ago when we screen printed unconventional sayings (i.e. I GET AIRSICK) in white on helium filled black balloons, intended to give out to spoil celebrations and bring down parties. It developed into a collection of sayings expressed in the form of an individual’s resignation after disappointing events had occurred, and is inspired by the little known absurdist Russian poet Daniil Kharms’ ‘Incidences’ writings. The illustration of planets taken from their orbits and either stacked one atop another or scattered and grouped together like marbles are antiquated in style and invoke a time we knew less about the universe beyond ourselves and were more prone to poeticise over the unknown.The work also leaps across the border between what defines the traditional craft of fine design binding and that of contemporary artists’ books, and then leaps back again.


Today I changed the world but it changed right back.

The planet shifted on its axis while I lay flat on my back.

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