Le Canard Des Puces. Spécial Espagne. 24 Novembre 1975. 50 Centimes.



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Original zine. Foolscap, unpaginated, mimeographed on both sides in black, corner stab-stapled once into the original covers, the upper portion with Letraset titles, typeset Summary and a strapline in darker facsimile handwritten block capitals. N.p., N.p., 24 Novembre,

This hastily prepared response to Franco's death generates a profound sense of historical immediacy with "Franco est Mort Viva la Vida" written boldly across the top of the zine. Double exclamation marks flag the collective elation felt by the enemies of Franco, who died a mere five days before publication. The title, translating as either "Duck Fleas" or "Duck Chips", appears to be a homage to the great satirical French weekly Le Canard Enchaine.

The zine contains five articles discussing various aspects and implications of Franco's death, describing him as "Le compagnon d'Hitler et de Mussolini", "L'extrême-droite" and "Le grand-capital".

Extremely obscure, anonymous publication, no copies in OCLC, BNF, IISH or the Spanish National Library.

Old central horizontal fold, corners creased and thumbed, last leaf detached from block, browning. 

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