Durée et Simultanéité. A Propos de la Théorie d'Einstein.

BERGSON Henri (1922.)

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First edition. 8vo., original printed wrappers, fore and lower edges untrimmed, housed in a folding box. Paris, Librairie Félix Algan.

A presentation copy, inscribed on the half title page 'à Sir James Frazer souvenir très amical H. Bergson'.

Bergson and Frazer appear to have first met at a conference in Paris in December 1920. There exist letters from Bergson to Frazer's niece hoping she will join Bergson and Frazer for tea.

Bergson himself wrote of his notion of duration 'let us imagine an infinitely small piece of elastic, contracted, if that were possible, to a mathematical point. Let us draw it out gradually in such a way as to bring out of the point a line which will grow progressively longer. Let us fix our attention not on the line as line, but on the action which traces it. Let us consider that this action, in spite of its duration, is indivisible if one supposes that it goes on without stopping; that, if we intercalate a stop in it, we make two actions of it instead of one and that each of these actions will then be the indivisible of which we speak; that it is not the moving act itself which is never indivisible, but the motionless line it lays down beneath it like a track in space. Let us take our mind off the space subtending the movement and concentrate solely on the movement itself, on the act of tension or extension, in short, on pure mobility. This time we shall have a more exact image of our development in duration'.

Frazer, one of the founding fathers of the science of anthropology, published his multi-volume magnum opus 'The Golden Bough', which had a major influence on the development of modernism in the early twentieth century, influencing Freud, Bergson, D.H. Lawrence and Eliot's 'The Waste Land'.

Fragment of a note to persons unknown from a head porter, undated, loosely inserted at the rear. Front cover re-attached with paste, extremities nicked and frayed.

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