Grimshaw family album with attractive sketch of the Pool of London, with London Bridge and St Paul's looming in the background, by Atkinson Grimshaw,

GRIMSHAW Atkinson (1880s.)


c.70 pages (including 18 drawings, decorations and watercolours, some with tissue guards). Quotes, sentiments, remembrances from the British and American family and friends of Fanny Isabel Grimshaw (1866-1934). Including a very fine drawing by her cousin Atkinson Grimshaw, famed 19th century artist; master of night, light, rain and docks. With one loosely inserted letter “from your affectionate friend Harry”, sending a sketch for her book (Ivy House, Piercebridge, 22 December 1894). England (various), USA (various), majority 1880s, some later (one, 1904; two from Norfolk, 1919).

Gift inscription “To F. I. Grimshaw, With her cousins, best wishes, for a happy birthday. Aug 2nd 1882. F. M. Grimshaw.”  

List of drawings:  

- Atkinson Grimshaw pen, ink and pastel drawing of ships at night, the full moon reflecting on the waters below. Inscribed “From cousin Atkinson to Fanny Isabel Grimshaw, with wishes for safe and pleasant voyage across the Atlantic. Knostrop Old Hall”, dated “Christmas Day 1883.” Fanny Grimshaw travelled to America in 1884 - there are a number of entries from friends and family written from Missouri and New York - she seems to have remained abroad for a year or 18 months before returning to England. The album is made up assorted coloured pages: pink, white, peach and green. There are a scarcity of green pages in the volume, and it seems likely that Grimshaw chose green for his drawing’s background as it better fits with his general aesthetic of atmospheric gloaming. A perfect example of Grimshaw's oeuvre in miniature.

- Watercolour of a ship sailing off into a sunset horizon with a group pushing off from the bank in a rowboat in the foreground. Signed and dated in pen “Enid F. Grimshaw 1885.”  

- Watercolour painted within an embossed paper border imitating lace and foliage. Repoussoir tree and two cows in foreground leading the eye to the setting sun in the background, with standing stones that spell “FANNY” casting long shadows. Initialled lightly in watercolour, “H. B.” [?]  

- Watercolour over pen and ink, cows drinking from a shallow pool, with a coppice of trees and sky in the background. Signed twice, once in pen (under the image), once in watercolour (on the verso), “Wilfrid A. Grimshaw 1885” (loose).  

- Pencil sketch, unsigned, “View from Ch[urch] Porch on a Rainy Day.”  

- Pencil drawing of “Ormes Head” [Wales] by “G. W. 1883”.  

- Watercolour of a country scene – a tree, marshland, a hill and more trees in the background, signed “Ethel M Reynolds”.  

- Pen and ink drawing of a dog with a bowl of water and two inquisitive chicks.  

- Unsigned pencil drawing of a mouse pulling along three smaller mice in a soapbox titled “Taking the Air.”  

- Comte drawing of a garden with greenhouse and wall in the background., signed “Enid F. Grimshaw 1883”  

- Small watercolour decoration of white flowers, signed “F. A Naylor, September 8th 1886”.  

- Pilgrim on a horse and trap (naïve, unsigned).  

- Pansy painted on loose silk signed “Nettie”.  

- Watercolour drawing with pen and ink of Sholebroke Avenue [Leeds] by “E. M. T.”  

- Unsigned watercolour of a rose.  

- Watercolour of two swans on a lily pad covered lake, signed “Lilian Ada Jaques, New Leeds, Jan. 1884.”  

- Watercolour copied from Birket Foster’s “The Hamlet” by “Louis Grimshaw, 1885.”  

- Pencil drawing of a cluster of pansies.

Family signees in the book include: Frances T. Grimshaw (surely Atkinson Grimshaw’s wife, Frances Theodosia Grimshaw – her entry, ‘Footsteps of Angels by Longfellow’ is dated 2 days after Atkinson Grimshaw’s (27 December 1883)); Daniel Grimshaw; Jonathan Grimshaw (Jefferson City, MO); Julia Grimshaw (Jefferson City, MO); F. M Grimshaw (Armley [near Leeds]); Mary Grimshaw (Burley in Wharfedale); Minnie Grimshaw; Enid F. Grimshaw; Ada Grimshaw; David Grimshaw; Emma Grimshaw; the Ingram and Faulhaber families (cousins) from Sidalia, MO, who Fanny visited on her American trip in 1884 (Charlie H. Ingram, Nellie Ingram, Martin M. Ingram, Ida Marie (Grimshaw) Ingram; George Faulhaber, Lillie Faulhaber, and others).  

Friends who signed her book include: M. P. Crisp; J. Hollings; Sallie A. Rodman (Alchison, Kansas); Jacob Michaelian (Armenian passage with British translation); A. Leach; Lilian Ada Jaques (New Leeds); Gertie A. Chapin (“To write in your album, dear friend you ask, / Ah, well! It is not such a difficult task, / But all I can say is contained in a line / May the Blessings of heaven forever be thine.”) 

Majority of passages and poetry are religious in tone. They include: Pope (which ends “To err is human to forgive divine.”); a somewhat altered quote attributed to Brother Lawrence (beginning, “Good when He gives supremely good.”); Verse from Malachi (3:17); quotes from Longfellow, Shakespeare; passage from Tom Brown’s School Days; a Walter Scott poem; quotes from Tennyson and Burridge; John Greenleaf Whittier; Cowper; Spenser, among others. One that grounds itself in real-world shared experience is from a cousin, George [Faulhaber], which is evocative of his town of Sedalia, Missouri: “When away across the deep blue sea, do not forget your cousins in the “Queen City – of the Prairies” – her lovely streets, beautiful Parks, Electric Light, miniature lakes, fine opera house, grand court house (to be constructed), dashing teams, John Jaynes, lovely girls and cute boys and last but not least your cousin George.” [Sedalia], 14 July 1884.

Covers, tips and spine rubbed; loss to spine (still present).



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