[Sketches taken during the Second Opium War].



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Twelve ink and colour sketches on strong paper, measuring between 18x13cm and 35x22cm. Minor surface staining, but overall in very good condition. China, 1857-

Includes: Before Canton - night of December 28th 1857; White Cloud Mountain affair, 3rd June 1858 - Burning the Village of the Braves. From Hill above Shektsin, 8 miles from 5 storied pagoda 8th January 1859; Tete du Pout in front of Shektsin 11 guns - Captured 8th January 1859; Bridge at Shektsin after the capture of the Batteries - 8th January 1859; Village of Pookong, from village above Shektsin, 9th January 1859; Crossing the River at Kokong 9th January 1859; The halt at Tung Kwan Hue 9th February 1859; Encampment at Ping-shan. 9th February 1859; Encampment at Kong Tsun 11th Feb 1859; Attack on the Ta-ku Forts by the Gunboats on the 25th June 1859; South Front on the right bank of Peiho after destruction by the attack.

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