Nagare no Uta - Soul and Soul; Yume no hashiri - S Street Shuffle; Gusha no Fune - The Ship of Fools; Shura no Tani - Finish Dying; Durasia.

SUZUKI Kiyoshi (1994.)

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First editions. 5 titles. Numerous photographic plates. Japanese text. Oblong 8vo. Original bindings. Yokohama, Privately Printed, 1972-

SUZUKI (Kiyoshi).  Nagare no Uta [A flowing Song] - Soul and Soul.  First edition. One of a limited edition of 1500 copies. 81 photographic plates. 4to. Original cloth in (damaged) dustwrapper, but very good inside. Together with a printed postcard advertising the book. [Tokyo], Otake Bijutsu [Privately Printed], 1972.     Suzuki Kiyoshi was born in 1943 in Iwaki city (Fukushima Prefecture). In 1969 he graduated from the Tokyo School of Photography. But shortly after his debut in Camera Mainichi he changed jobs to become a shop-sign/advertising painter and henceforth pursued photographic activities as an amateur. He died of cancer in 2000. Of the eight books that he published in the course of his life seven were privately printed. The present is his first book which is divided into four chapters, namely 'the coal-mine - so far away', 'mid-summer', 'travelling actors', & 'after hours'. The theme of the coal-mine clearly goes back to Domon Ken’s work. But the absence of anger and the strong sense of melancholy make this a remarkable debut and a superb example of a photographer's vision of the world and himself in it. Rare.  

SIGNED COPY SUZUKI (Kiyoshi)   Yume no hashiri [Dream Run] - S Street Shuffle [1982-1987].  First edition. Numerous photographic plates (two folding), several in colour. Japanese text. Oblong 8vo. Original flexible boards in dustwrapper. A very good copy signed by the photographer on the page facing the colophon. Unpaginated. Tokyo, Ocean Books [Privately Printed],  1988. The title of Suzuki's fourth book 'Yume no hashiri' is a pun on a phrase used in a TV commercial to advertise a Nissan sports car, while the English title S Street Shuffle refers to a Bruce Springsteen song. Urban themes dominate this book and in seven chapters Suzuki covers Yokohama, Kawasaki, Okinawa, Tokyo, Shanghai, Pusan, and Osaka. The overall feel of this work is much more pessimistic than his previous work. Includes two essays by Edagawa Koichi and Ueno Osamu. Book-design by Suzuki Hitoshi and Minoura Takashi. Rare.  

SUZUKI (Kiyoshi).    Gusha no Fune - The Ship of Fools. Tokyo Showa 61-63nen.  First edition. Numerous photographic plates, several in colour. Japanese text. Oblong 8vo. Original boards in dustwrapper (lacking obi). A very good copy. Decorated endpapers. Unpaginated. Tokyo, IPC,  1991.  The present photographs were taken between 1986-88. They represent a critical look at the consumerism and other cultural aspects that were specific to Japan during the last three years of the Showa reign. Suzuki's books are full of surprising anomalies in layout, typography, use of colour or b-w., varieties in paper etc. The double-page frontispiece is after a design by Peter Breughel.  

SUZUKI (Kiyoshi).   Shura no Tani [Valley of Pandemonium] - Finish Dying.  First edition. One of a limited edition of 600 copies. Numerous photographic plates. Japanese text. Oblong folio. Original flexible boards in dust-wrapper (lacking obi). A very good copy together with a folding leaflet. Unpaginated. Yokohama, Deku Books [Privately Printed], 1994.  This surely is the final word on the mining industry in Japan: Suzuki visited Kitakami, Ashio, Kanegafuchi, and Joban, retracing his steps. The result is a bleak and emotionally charged book that becomes compulsive viewing due to the highly complex layout combined with personal commentary. This comes close to being a photo-installation, and as usual, it is edited and designed by Suzuki himself. Suzuki won the prestigious Domon Ken Prize for this book, a particularly fitting triumph since Domon's 'Chikuho no kodomotachi' had originally inspired Suzuki to take up photography. The obi and the leaflet were only printed after Suzuki was awarded the prize.  

SUZUKI (Kiyoshi).   Durasu no Ryodo - Durasia.  First edition. Numerous photographic plates several in colour. Japanese text. Oblong folio. Original flexible boards in dustwrapper. Together with a folded separate sheet. A fine copy. Unpaginated. Yokohama, Sagar Books [Privately Published], 1998.   The present is his last book and curiously enough images of life and death abound. Suzuki was a great admirer of the French writer Marguerite Duras (1914-1996) and he dedicated this book to her. He followed in her footsteps and shows some evocative images of the Mekong Delta, Calcutta, Sagar Island, and Laos. As usual the photographic language is closely matched by the design of the book. The dust-jacket and the first six plates show the book dummy that Suzuki worked on for over half a year. The separate leaf contains an interview with Suzuki entitled 'Sound Off'. Also included are two postcards of the 'Durasia' exhibition at Konica Plaza. Kaneko Ryuichi, the curator of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, counts this work amongst the 25 most important Japanese photo-books of the 20th century. 

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