Sukiya Shusei. [Compendium of Sukiya Architecture].

KITAO Harumichi (1937.)


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20 volumes (complete). Numerous plans, architectural drawings, and photographic illustrations. Text in Japanese and English. 4to. Original decorated boards in glassine jackets and slipcases. Overall a close to fine set. Tokyo, Koyosha, Showa 10-12, i.e. 1935-

Kitao Harumichi (1896-1973) was born in Osaka. His father specialized in the construction of temple buildings which clearly influenced his future path: Having studied architecture at the Tokyo Advanced Institute of Technology (Tokyo Koto Kogyo Gakko) Kitao opened his own office in Marunouchi in 1925. In the late 20s he moved to Kamakura where most of his projects were built. At a time when most architects aspired towards modernist architecture using western methods and styles, Kitao was engaged with traditional Japanese building styles and techniques. The present is his first publication giving an overview of the Sukiya style and its adaptation to modern needs. Sukiya is an elegant style of domestic architecture which was developed in connection with the tea ceremony. Initially it was the domain of those with power and money, but in the early 20th century it also became popular with the new prosperous middle class.

Vol. 1 (The Higashiyama & Momoyama periods); 2 (The Tokugawa period - 1st Part); 3 (The Tokugawa period - 2nd Part); 4 (The Meiji & Taisho periods); 5 (A selection of Sukiya-zukuri homes from various schools); 6 (Sukiya homes for feudal lords, poets and scholars); 7 (Sukiya homes for tea masters); 8 (Gardens and lighting of Sukiya homes); 9 (Gardens in detail); 10 (Ponds); 11 (Modern Sukiya homes); 12 (Large Sukiya homes); 13 (Contemporary Sukiya homes); 14 (Other Sukiya homes between the Momoyama et the Tokugawa periods); 15 (Large Sukiya homes between the Momoyama et the Tokugawa periods); 16 (Sukiya country homes); 17 (Sukiya homes: Exteriors); 18 (Windows); 19 (Sukiya homes: Interior); 20 (Sukiya homes: Interior continued).

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