Nemuri no Riyu [Reasons for Sleep]. Nos. 1-4.

EI KYU NO KAI.,  (1967.)

£950.00  [First Edition]

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First edition. One of a limited edition of 500 copies. 4 original photographs and 4 full-page engravings. Japanese text. Original wrappers, a very good set. Tokyo, Privately Printed, 1965-

Ei-Q (1911-1960) was the adopted name of Sugita Hideo, a famous avant-garde painter and photographer. Having studied Western style painting in Tokyo from 1925 onwards he became interested in photography during the 1930s, in particular the technique of photograms. Ei-Q wrote essays promoting photography as an art form independent of painting. He was strongly influenced by surrealism and in 1936 he published the influential book 'Nemuri no riyu' (Reasons for Sleep) which took him to the forefront of the Japanese avant-garde. The present posthumous magazine was published by a group of admirers which called itself the Ei-Q Club ('Ei Kyu no kai'). The first issue includes a reprint of the famous portrait by Tamai Mizuo as well as one image from the 'Nemuri no Riyu' series. Each image measures 15,2x20,7cm, and is stamped in verso 'Ei Kyu no Kai' in Japanese.

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