Two Panoramas of Shanghai.

CHIYO YOKO (1920s.)


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Two silver gelatine black and white photographs, one of Shanghai Bund (a bit faded) and a smaller one of downtown Shanghai. Measuring 150x19cm and 128x19cm respectively. In very good condition. With photographer's advert and metal transport tubes. Shanghai, Chiyo Yoko,

The panorama of the Shanghai Bund prominently features a number of foreign warships, namely the British flagship HMS Hawkins, the French flagship Jules Michelet, as well as the US flagship Pittsburgh, who gathered in June 1927 as a show of force in the wake of the Shanghai massacre. 

The panorama of downtown Shanghai shows the Race Course alongside Bubbling Well Road, panning round towards Thibet Road (with a large billboard advertising Lactogen) and down Nankin Road, prominently featuring the tailor Chong Shung & Co. on the corner.  

Chiyo Yoko was a Japanese photographic supply store on 470 Nanking Road, which had been founded by Shimozato Yakichi in 1910. They were agents for some of the leading German camera-makers, incl. Carl Zeiss, C. P. Goerz, Contessa & Voigtländer. Both panoramas were wrapped in Chiyo Yoko wrapping paper and are housed in the original metal transport tubes. 

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