Da Qing guo yu ti ping ding xin jiang zhan tu. [Great Qing Empire Imperially captioned Xinjiang Battle prints].



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16 lithograph plates, and 16 facsimile leaves of Qianlong's text and one leaf of introduction. Oblong imperial folio measuring 67x49cm. Original red cloth portfolio. Light browning and marginal wear and tear throughout. Shanghai, Shaweidi [H. Salzwedel], 

This album of engravings features the Emperor Qianlong's campaigns in Central Asia, or present-day Xinjiang, from 1755 to 1761. In order to commemorate his conquests of Dzungaria and the neighbouring Muslim territories, Qianlong commanded a number of Jesuit painters incl. Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766), and Jean-Denis Attiret (1702-1768), to produce drawings of key victories in the campaign. These sketches were sent to the Parisian engraver, Charles-Nicolas Cochin (1715-1790), who was asked to produce 200 copies of each as well as to send the original copper plates. Upon receipt the Qianlong Emperor wrote a commentary for each plate which is reproduced here in lithography for the first time. The publisher was the German photographer Herman Salzwedel (chin. name Shaweidi) who had been active in Java but left for Shanghai in 1889 where he operated both a studio and a publishing house. It would appear that the present publication was financed by the Chinese government and intended for the Chinese market at a time when the Qing government had suffered a number of severe political setbacks. Only one copy in OCLC. Rare. 

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