Important Manuscript Atlas of Shanxi Province.



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32 double-page maps each measuring 43x33cm. Watercolour on Chinese paper. Butterfly binding (hudie zhuang) bound in late 19th century decorated cloth. Minor dust- and finger-staining, but overall in very good condition. Shanxi, n.d. but ca. 

A fascinating atlas showing most of the walled towns and military garrisons of Shanxi province. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Shanxi merchants controlled many of the overland trade routes to the capital and during the 18th and 19th century Shanxi was the center of trade and banking. Forty-three of China's 50 largest banks were based in Shanxi province alone. The atlas provides topographical views of the various administrative areas (county, xian) of the province together with detailled information on towns, villages, and military stations, as well as roads and bridges. As in most Chinese atlases there is no fixed scale, but distances between towns are provided in li (miles). Includes views of the counties of Yanggao, Tianzhen, Datong, Yongning, Hongtong, Datongfu, Pingyao, Xibao, Ninglang, Xinzhou, Jingle, Daizhou, Fengzhen, the Hulu valley, Shanyun, Yonghe, Hejin, Ningwu, Wanquan, Qinshui, Fushan, Yicheng, Zezhou, Huairen, Heshun, Pingyang etc. This atlas was clearly compiled for official purposes, the calligraphy being in a formal hand (kaishu script).

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