Chasetsu shusei [A Collection of Theories about Tea].

KATO Kagetaka (1874].)

£850.00  [First Edition]

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First edition. 3vols. bound in two (complete). 34 woodcut illustrations, several double-page. Yellow fukurutoji binding with original title-slips. A very good set. 4, 4, 27; 17; 21ff. Numazu, Yomando, dated: Meiji 7 [i.e. 

Kato Kagetaka (dates unknown) worked for the Meiji Government in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He lived in Numazu and took a strong personal interest in tea cultivation. He was a close friend of the Shintoist Hirayama Seisai (1815-1890) who wrote the introduction to this work. The first volume gives a general introduction to tea as well as the process of collecting and steaming tea-leaves. The second volume explains the different methods of growing strong tea (koicha) and weak tea (usucha) while the third gives an overview of tea-production in various counties as well as a short section on different species of tea. Each volume is illustrated with fine woodcuts which includes the method of shading used in Uji-cha. During the early Meiji period tea came to be regarded as an important product for export and efforts were made to increase production. Rare. Only three copies in OCLC. 

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