La Fête des Vignerons, Vevey.

WINE MAKING. ; STEINLEN Christian Gottlieb (1833.)


Sole edition. Thirty hand-coloured conjoined lithographic plates measuring forty-seven feet, linen-baked and preserved in a green leather wrapper with ties. 



Lausanne, Spengler & Cie,

Andre Simon Bibliotheca Gastronomica no.1558; Reed, p87; Bobins 1313.


An impressive and handsome scroll measuring over fourteen meters in length, illustrating hundreds of figures in the 1833 Fête des Vignerons procession.


Organised by David Constantin and Steinlen, the 1833 Fête was held over two days in August and featured numerous wagons displaying scenes representative of the wine making trade. This scroll depicts the actual participants in the procession wearing costumes also designed by Steinlen. Many of the floats are symbolic and represent the seasons or Bacchus, but many of them show the actual tools of the trade such as a display of barrel making, various crop management tools and even a large wine press. The final image is that of Noah's ark as Noah is considered to be the first vigneron.


This publication is one a number of illustrative depictions of the 1833 Fête, Simon lists three alone in Bibliotheca Gastronomica. The number of publications - including a Souvenir de Vevey - suggest the increasing popularity and fame of the Fête.


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