CAPEL Richard (1633)

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Their Nature, Danger, Cure...To which is added a Briefe Dispute as touching Restitution in the Case of Usury. 


First Edition. 12mo (140 x 80mm). [36], 456pp. Some browning in places, a few gatherings have slipped and now stand a little proud of the rest of the book block, some very light water staining in a few places. Contemporary calf, covers ruled in blind with a single gilt tool in the centre of each board, smooth spine ruled in blind with a single gilt flower tool in each of the three panels, red edges (a little rubbed, upper cover with a scuff across the upper board, corners worn)


London: printed by R. B. 1633


STC 4595 Folger only in the US.  Re-printed on a number of occasions throughout the 17th century.


A popular book on sin and temptation by a Puritan writer, "proficient in the schoole of temptation himself". 


Richard Capel (1586-1656) was, according to his friend and biographer Valentine Marshall, "a very living library, a full store-house of all kinde of good Literature no lesse than a little University". In this popular little book, Capel discusses temptation in its many forms including lust:


"After lust hath drawne us a side from God, it doth entice us and wooe us; the word signifies baiting us, as men doe bait for fishes, coozening sometimes the eye, sometimes the taste of the silly fish, so doth sin use us, puts on guises and maskes, making the sin to appeare in another colour than it is. Thus our own Lust doth nibble at us with some delight, proposeth it to us under tearmes of pleasure, profit, honour; alluring us with the seeming sweetnesses..." (p.22).


In his Epistle to the Reader before the main text, the preacher Richard Sibbes notes that Capel, "besides faithfulnesse, and fruitfulnesses in his ministry, hath been a good proficient in the schoole of temptation himself, and therefore the fitter, as a skillfull Watch-man, to give warning and aime to others". 


Capel also discusses blasphemy, sins of the body, suicide, sin in marriage, murder and sodomy. 


In an address to the reader preceding the (lengthy) errata leaf, Capel writes:


"Good Reader, correct with thy pen these errours ere thou reade the Booke: other faults escaped in the printing. I leave to thine own observation, and by diligent marking along as thou readest, to finde and correct the escapes in the print; the Booke may print something in thine heart, to serve to amend some faults in thy life. Small charges eat out a mans substance; insensible and small sinnes doe hurt in a mans soule, if hee doe not reform them, and small errours in the very points will turn the sense of a place; and so there are some oversights in printing, which darken the sense of sundry passages, which I desire the Reader to take speciall notice of and know that he must place the Comma sometimes a word sooner, sometimes a word, or so, lower than it is".


Provenance: Ownership inscription "Eliza Woodd her booke" on the front flyleaf. The errata has been carefully corrected and there are a number of passages marked in ink and pages with the corners intentionally turned over. Considering the subject matter the ownership of the book by a woman is perhaps surprising.

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