Sorrowful Lamentation & Confession of Martha Browning of the murder of Elizabeth Mundell, who is Ordered for Execution on Monday next. [with] Life, Trial, and Execution of Martha Browning, for the Murder of Elizabeth Mundell at Westminster. 



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2 Broadsides. Trial Broadside (485 x 370mm). Original sheet trimmed and laid down on recent archival paper, small areas of loss to the extremities, not interfering with the text, and a little piece missing effecting the text. Creased across the middle. With woodcut border and illustration. Small number '10' written in red pencil far right hand corner. Execution Broadside (490 x 365mm). Original sheet trimmed and laid down on recent archival paper, small areas of loss to the extremities and main text, with some loss to text, and illustrator. With woodcut border and illustration. London, Paul Printer. [added in contemporary hand J[anuar]y 5

The trial and execution Broadside of Martha Browning, who was indicted for the wilful murder of Elizabeth Mundell, Westminster, on 3rd December 1845. The trial took place on 15th December 1845, and Martha Browning was executed at the young age of 23 , on 5th January 1846.  

Martha Browning had been living in the same room as Elizabeth Mundell for only a few weeks, and murdered her for the possession of what she thought was a £5 note, it turned out, however, that the note was counterfeit. Martha Browning attempted to make the murder look like a suicide, and she was successful until the victim's daughter noticed that she was carrying the £5 note that had been in the possession of her mother. 

The Execution broadside records that there was a stampede after Martha Browning's execution, the 'mob' was rushing to view another execution, that of Samuel Quennell. 'The throng became so violent that it was expected that there would be great mischief done and loss of life'.

Copies held at Tisch Library, Massachusetts, (Paul Printer) the British Library, Davidson College library, US, and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Library, US, (Sharp Printer). 

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674 - 1913, (15th December 1845)online. 19th Century Newspapers at the British Library, online. 

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