Document on vellum. Naples, 1528-



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Size of document: 327 x 216mm. 29 long lines (beginnings of lines lost).

Once used as a binding and now flattenned out, this is probably a notarial document, which records a trial held in Naples which involved debt. The document is dated 152[?], but the final part of the date is illegible. The dates 1525 and 1527 also appear in the document and so the date may have been 1528 or 1529. The document indicates that it was drawn up in the reign of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and mentions Joan (Joanna) of Castile and Aragon. Words like "debt", "debtor" and "owing" occur in the document as well as "cautela" meaning pawn or warranty, and also the sum of 1200 ducats. The document speaks of "next to the monastey of St. Ligarius at Naples" and names Theses Grassi, Virgilius de Bulbito, Antonius de Nuceria and Federicus Caraffa, all of Naples; (Federico Caraffa was involved in an insurrection in Naples in 1529, led by Simone Romano, described by Francesco Guicciardinio in his Italian history, Book 19, ch. 17). The document also names Franciscus Nuti and Franciscus Martinus, both of Florence.Some text at the creases a little obscured.

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