De situ orbis libri tres. [...] Polyhistor, sive rerum Orbis memorabilium Collectanea.

MELA Pomponius; SOLINUS Gaius Julius ([1536])


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Woodcut initials. 

8vo (155 x 100mm). 24ff (one blank), 407(i.e. 415), [1]pp. Contemporary limp green vellum with two bands (general wear). 


[Basel, Robert Winter, 

Collected edition of two important works of ancient geography, Pomponius Mela's De Situ Orbis, 'A Description of the World', and Gaius Julius Solinus' Polyhistor, 'Wonders of the World'. Mela's influential geography, which describes the Earth, at the centre of the universe, divided into five zones, borrowed from Greek sources and was cited by Pliny the Elder. Solinus relied heavily on the works of both Pliny and Mela in the compilation of his descriptions of curiosities of the world, organised by region. The annotations, particularly in the first two books of Mela's work, are indicative of these works being standard school texts for the study of geography. Included with Mela's text are the scholia of Valencian humanist and geographer Pedro Juan Oliver, and the commentary of Italian scholar Ermolao Barbaro. 

Inscription on title page "ex bibl. Reisachiorum 1804", the library of Reisach Monastery in Bavaria. Further ownership inscription of Andreas Möring, dated, on title page. Annotation and underlining in brown and black in different hands throughout, particularly heavy in books 1-2 of the Mela. Minor foxing.

VD16 M2317. Adams M1061. Schweiger II, 608.  

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