Illuminated miniature of the crucifixion. [Bruges, c. 1430-



Large arched miniature in a gilt frame showing the crucified Christ flanked by Mary, in deep blue robes, and St. John who appears in a long orange cloak; the figures stand on grass covered with tiny red and white flowers, with an upper background of gold decoration set against an orange ground. Broad decorative border on three sides composed of large coloured acanthus leaves and gold leaves on hair-line stems.

Size of leaf: 174 x 125mm. Size of miniature: 108 x 73mm. Verso blank.

An excellently preserved miniature by an artist who can be associated with the Masters of the Gold Scrolls on account of the filigree-like scroll-work on the background of the miniature. Such a technique was popular in Flanders from about 1410 to 1450 and characteristic features of the miniatures include flattened noses, narrow mouths and eyebrows which sit high above the eyes. Our miniature is close to another miniature of the Crucifixion also attributed to a Master of the Gold Scrolls and illustrated on p. 81 of Roger Wieck's Painted Prayers(1997). In both miniatures the upper background is filled with gilt squiggles and straight gold lines radiate from Mary and John to form haloes. The poses of each figure are also very similar.

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