Leaf from Missal, c.1400-1450.

ITALIAN SCRIBE  (c.1400-1450)


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Two large initials, an ‘I’ in blue and an ‘S’ in red, each with attractive penwork in the alternate colour.

 Manuscript on vellum. Framed. Six lines of text, each beneath one of six sets of medieval musical notation on four-line staffs, in a rounded gothic hand. Text is in dark brown and red; musical staffs are in red with notes (or neumes) in brown.



The text in the first three lines, “Placeat tibi quia… domine” comes from the mass for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Times (i.e. times other than liturgical seasons such as Lent, Advent, etc.), which generally falls in the summer. The text following, “Inclina aurem… eruas me” comes from Psalm 30, and the final line of chant is an introit, likely for the following mass.

With thanks to Rose McCandless for cataloguing this item. 

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