Christ in the Temple with the money-lenders, a large historiated initial on vellum cut from a Choir Book. France (?Paris), c. 1500-



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Set in a temple, Christ stands, barefoot, surrounded by money-lenders and taking bags of money, while one of the men behind Christ makes calculations on his fingers.

Size of miniature: 100 x 114mm.

A large historiated initial cut from a large choirbook, depicting Christ with the moneylenders. Although large choirbooks were common in Italy, Spain and Germany from the 14th century, it was not until the beginning of the 16th that we see the production of this type of manuscript in France in any great numbers. The present initial is related to numerous cuttings from a series of monumental choirbooks which were produced in the early sixteenth century.

Diagonal tear repaired on left.

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