De proportionibus libri duo. Prior, qui de simplici proportione est… Posterior, ipsas proportiones comparat: earumque rationes colligit.

FERNEL Jean (1528)


Folio (295 x 200mm.) ff. [4], 24., title within a strap work border, marginal diagrams, modern calf-backed paper boards 


Paris: Simon de Colines., 

FIRST EDITION. This "is one of the best of the sixteenth-century treatises on the mediaeval proportion. It follows the Boethian treatment, as seen also in the work of Bradwardin" (Smith, Rara Arithmetica, p. 157)."Fernel(1497-1558), before making a name for himself in medicine, was first attracted by the mathematical sciences, as evidenced by his first three publications -- of which this is the third, and all three of which were issued by Simon de Colines: De Proportionibus was preceded by Monalosphaerium, 1527 (see lot 103), and Cosmotheoria,1528 (see lot 104). Fernel received his M.D. degree in 1530 and became a very influential physician through his numerous writings; he became physician to Catherine de Médicis, whose sterility he cured, and eventually was appointed chief physician to King Henri II" (Schreiber 35).

Schreiber 35.Renouard 117. Sherrington, Fernel, p. 189 (3.C) A fine large copy.

Provenance: Macclesfield Library originally (with 2 other items) at North Library 115.G.18.

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