[Selected works]. Antwerp, Amsterdam, Cologne & Munich, 1631-

DREXEL Jeremias, SJ (1651)


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Fine emblematic engraved titles to almost all volumes, some works illustrated with engravings also (see below).32mo. 105 x 55 11 vols bound in 9. Uniformally bound in 18th century half-calf, spines lettered in gilt (spines rubbed).

A fine collection of early Latin reprints fom the works of the Jesuit ascetic writer Jeremias Drexel or Dreschel (1581-1638), who was professor of humanities and rhetoric at Augsburg and Dillengen, and for 23 years court preacher to Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria. His writings were immensely popular and, as well as Latin and German editions, they were translated into English, Polish, French, Italian, Dutch and Hungarian. Among his most important works, included here, are his Heliotropum (Cologne, 1634, 5 emblematic engraved plates), De Aeternitate Considerationes (Cologne, 1634, 9 emblematic engraved plates) bound with Zodiacus Christianus (Cologne, 1634, 12 emblematic engraved plates), Trismegistus Christianus (1631 (2 engraved plates), Horologium auxiliaris tutelaris angeli (Cologne, 1645, 2 emblematic engraved plates).

Provenance: Stamps of the Jesuit College, Dublin.

Praz pp. 318-20. Landwehr German 231, 234, 236 (1631 ed.), 238 (1627 ed.), 243, (1628 ed.), 251, 254, 258 (1631 ed.).

Orbis Phaeton (Cologne, 1634, 23 engraved plates illustrating the letters of the alphabet), Rosae selectissimarum virtutum (Antwerp, 1652), Rhetorica Caelestis (Antwerp, 1651), Gazophylacium Christi (Munich, 1651), Aeternitatis prodromus mortis nuntius (Cologne, 1645, 3 emblematic engraved plates by Sadeler), Noe architectus arcae in diluvio navarchus descriptus (Antwerp, 1652), Recta intentio omnium humanarum actionum amussis (Cologne, 1634, 2 emblematic engraved plates).

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