A collection of 8 items (1651-96) uniformly bound in 3 small volumes in English parchment c. 1900



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Vol. I  

1. JESUS CHRIST. Memoriale di una persona spirituale, e diuota al dolcissimo bambino Giesú nelle feste del natale. (110 x 60mm.) 7, [1]p.,  Rome: Ignazio de'Lazari, 1668.     A copy is recorded at the Bibl. Casatanense, Rome.  

[With:]    2. CONFRATERNITA DEL CORDONE DI S. FRANCESCO. Breve, et distinta scielta delle divine indulgenze plenarie, che possono acquistar' i fratelli, e sorelle della vener. confraternità de sagro cordone di S. Francesco d'Assisi.  16mo (112 x 67mm.) 24p., full-page woodcut of S. Francis on p. [2], Pavia: Carlo Porro stamp. vescou[ale], [c. 1675]  

[With:]   3. MARY THE VIRGIN. Devota precatio ad sanctiss. nomen Mariae constans ex quinque psalmis, & quinque antiphonis. Quorum initiales Mariae nomen efferunt. Quae recitatantur in oratorio dictae confraternitatis S. Bernardi ad columnam Traiani. An instantiam confratris Lucae Antonii Chracas. 16mo (112 x 65mm.) 12p., woodcut on p. [2], printed in red and black, cropped at foot with loss of last line of text,  Rome: typis reu. cam. apost., 1696.  

Luca Antonio Chracas was a Roman publisher active around the turn of the eighteenth century. He published editions of this booklet in 1700, 1703,  and 1713, and of these single copies exist.   

[With:]   4. CARMELITES. Sommario dell' indulgenze, fauori, e gratie concesse da molti sommi pontefici. Si a' [sic] religiosi, e confratelli del carmine, come anco a tutti li fedeli che visitaranno le chiese dell' istesso ordine. 16mo (110 x 75mm.)  32p.,  Pavia: Carlo Porro stampatore vescovale, 1674.    

Vol. II  

5.  TRINITY, Confraternity of. Brevissimo sommario dell'indulgenze, gratie, e priuilegi concessi... alli fratelli, e sorelle delle confraternità dell'ordine della santiss. trinità del riscatto de' schiavi christiani. […] Instructiones pro confraternitatibus ordinis ss. Trinitatis &c., stampato in Roma... l'anno 1664. 127p., 16mo (95 x 63mm.)  first leaf with arms on recto, last leaf with device on verso, 'proibito' written in ink on verso of first leaf, Piacenza: Giovanni Bazachi, 1667.    

Vol. III  

6. MARY THE VIRGIN. Divotissima oratione alla beatissima Vergine utilissima ad ogni fedel christiano. 16mo (93 x 60mm.) 16p., small woodcut on title-page, Rome: Francesco de' Lazari, 1684   We have found no record of this title or edition.  

[With:]   7. ANTONY OF PADUA, St. Officium paruum S. Antonii de Padua. Ex diuinis scripturis aptatum ad honorem ipsius, & utilitatem animarum. Per reu. P.M. Io: Iacobum de Rogerio Neap. min. con.  55p., woodcut of S. Antony on verso of title and verso of last leaf, Aquila: Gregorio Gobbi, 1651    

Of the Little Office of St. Antony of Padua, as edited by Giovanni Giacomo de Ruggiero, the earliest edition we have found  is that forming part 2  of  Tommaso Vandini Nascita, vita, dottrina, morte e miracoli del padre S. Antonio da Padova, Bologna: N. Tebaldini, 1627.  

[With:]   8. MARY THE VIRGIN. Devota precatio ad sanctissimum nomen Mariae, constans ex quinque psalmis, etc. 16p., woodcut pietà on title-page,  Rome: typis reu. cam. apost., 1691.

Works of popular catholic piety, particularly those of small compass, are incredibly rare, and this small group of items from a Benedictine house in England (St Augustine’s Abbey, Ramsgate) is no exception. The items are mostly Italian, and date from the second half of the seventeenth century. The printers represented are: in Rome, Ignazio de’ Lazari, who was active for thirty years from 1652 until 1682,  and is credited with some 471 editions, many of them slight volumes of a religious nature. In Pavia Carlo Porro ‘vicino al palazzo’ was  from 1652 printer to the Bishop, and was still active in 1674. The number of books from his press is small. The British Library has two; the present collection also has two, printed later in his career. From Piacenza there is one book from the press of the younger Giovanni Bazachi, active 1650-1690, who for thirty-two years directed the stamperia ducale. The family had been printing in Piacenza since the late sixteenth century; some 277 editions of all types are recorded, but not those in the present group. The press of Gregorio Gobbi is not represented in the British Library’s collections. He printed first in 1648 in Macerata, and again in 1650, and we have traced seven books from his press in Aquila  between 1651 and 1659.  

Four here are handbooks generated by confraternities. The texts here are largely in Italian. The other four are prayer manuals, one in Italian  addressed to the infant Christ, one the little office of St. Antony of Padua (entirely in Latin), and two containing short prayers addressed to the Virgin Mary, also entirely in Latin.

Provenance: St. Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate.


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