All' alteza reale ed elettorale di Federrigo Cristiano.



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figlio di Federigo Augusto III rè di polonia...preso da ciò motivo di lodarlo con alcune composizioni poetiche e presentarli l'orazione panegyrica in lode di Luigi XIV.. da Carlo Dati ... in segno di profondissima venerazione Carlo Dati Squarcialupi nipote del predetto nobil patrizio fiorentino...D.D.D. Manuscript on paper, ff. [10], the first blank, written on rectos only in a flowing calligraphic hand

Bound with:

DATI, Carlo. Panegirico alla Maesta christianissima di Luigi IXV. re di Francia e di Navarra. [4], 68pp., Florence:all'insegna della stella, 1669

2 works in volume, Florentine presentation binding of red morocco, the covers and spine elaborately gilt, gilt turn-ins and edges

A unique volume presented by Carlo Dati Squarcialupi to Frederick Christian, Prince of Poland and of Saxony during his visit to Florence, c. 1739. His dedication, which is given above is followed by a fly-title (Sonetti in lode...), and the six sonnets. The first sings the praises of the prince visiting the libraries and the gallery of Florence 'tra libri, e gemme, e bronzi, e marmi rari', the second sings the praises of the young prince, the third is the sonnet presenting the Panegirico of his uncle (T'offro dunque faconda opera, e fastosa/ In cui l'avo mio asceso in Elicona', the fourth sings the praises of the father of the young man Augustus III of Poland (1696-1763), of whose visit to Florence the fifth sings, and the sixth sings of visits made to Italy, and in particular Florence, by other members of the house of Saxony.

Frederick Christian Leopold Johann Georg Franz Xavier (b. Dresden, 5 September 1722 - d. Dresden, 17 December 1763), was successor to his father as Elector of Saxony, but not as King of Poland. An invalid from his birth to the extent that his mother wishes him to resign his rights of succession, he was, a cultured monarch and a keen amateur of music.

The author of these sonnets Carlo Dati SquarcialupiCarlo Dati, the uncle (1619-1676) is a well-known and important figure in the annals of Florentine culture and literature. Secretary (from 1663) of the Accademia della Crusca, he was as a young man much interested in science, but his chief claim to fame is his collection of artistic biographies published in 1667and dedicated to Louis XIV. In 1644 he had given a panegyric on Louis XIII of france, and in 1664 one on the great collector Cassiano del Pozzo. He also celebrated the marriage in 1660 of Louis XIV and Maria Teresa of Austria. Louis XIV had in march 1666 awarded him a pension, and it is hardly surprising that in this work he sings the praises of a Louis very much alive, who he terms Luigi ADEODATO ( i.e. given by God), and of his military, naval and artistic triumphs.

BLSTC (Italian, 17th c.) I, 293. OCLC: Toronto, Newberry, BL, NLS, Bodleian, BNP, Thuringer Uni & LB

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