Historia della guerra fatta da principi christiani, contra Saracini per l'acquisito di terra Santa, tradotta per M. Francesco Baldelli. Florence, [Lorenzo Torrentino],

ROBERTUS, of St. Remigius, Rheims (1552)


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Torrentino's device on title-page, historiated woodcut initials. 8vo (175 x 115mm). 272pp. 19th century vellum-backed marbled boards, spine gilt in compartments, red morocco label.

First edition, first issue, of Baldelli's translation of Historia Hierosolymitana, sive historia itineris contra Turcos, the most successful early account of the First Crusade. Robert the Monk's account composed c. 1107 survives in around 100 manuscripts. The first Latin edition was first published in 1472 at Cologne, a Dutch translation appeared in Gouda 1486, and a German one in 1584. Baldelli's translation was the only Italian version until the 19th century. Robert's chronicle begins with a lengthy description of Pope Urban II's call to arms in his speech at the Council of Clermont, which he says he attended. He based the remainder of his text on the Gesta Francorum and other sources as it is not thought that he participated in the Crusade itself. He follows journey of Godfrey of Bouillon with his brother Baldwin along the road of Charlemagne, through Hungary to Constantinople in 1096, and the war against the Seljuks. According to Oxford entry on COPAC, "First issue has page number "3" on title-page; page 5 not numbered. These errors corrected in second issue, with slight change in layout of title-page.Censimento Edit 16 CNCE 46838. BM STC Italian, p. 557. Adams, R613 (erroneous attribution to the Giunti).

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