[ Greek] Onosandrou Strategikos... Sive de imperatoris institutione. Accessit [Greek] Ourbikiou epitedeuma. Nicolaus Rigaltius... publicavit, latina interpretatione & notis illustravit.

ONOSANDER fl. 1st century A.D. (1598.)


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2 parts 4to (250 x 175mm. ) 19, [1], 160 [=161], [3(blank); [8] 69 [i.e. 96]p.,title printed in red and black, full-page woodcut of a battle scene on p. 125; in part 2 full-page woodcuts of a battering-ram on p. 74, a siege-tower (p. 82), mechanical bows (p. 86 & 88) and smaller woodcuts of a siege-tower and a galley (p. 78 & 79), late 18th-century English polished calf, single gilt fillet, ornamental gilt spine, yellow edges

Paris: (S. Prevosteau for) A. Saugrain & Guillaume des Rues, (December)

Onosander 's treatise on the education of a general dates from the reign of the emperor Claudius, and from the late 15th century (Rome, 1494; Goff S-344) had circulated in print in the Latin version of Sagundinus. Joachim Camerarius had also made a version, based on a faulty Greek text, published by his sons in 1595.This is the Editio princeps of the Greek text is dedicated to Henri IV of France, and is founded upon two manuscripts from the Medici library (the Laurenziana) and one which may have been used by Camerarius, all of which Ruigault had used and collated. When all the work had been done he was told that the French scholar Federic Morel had a further manuscript, and Rigault says he was obliged to start again for the fourth time.

The Greek and Latin text is printed in parallel columns, the former handsomely printed in the Grecs du Roi. Orbicius's extremely short treatise on how Roman imperial infantry can defeat Barbarian cavalry archers, was written in the reign of the emperor Anastasius AD 491-518, and was printed several times earlier in the 16th century in Paris. The most recent edition is that edited by and printed in Byzantinische Zeitschrift

The Latin errata have all be corrected in a neat hand in part 1. On p. 123 9 (Urbicius) is a 10-line marginal note in a 17th-century hand on p.123 (Urbicius) reading ek rhematwn and not 'heurematwn' and 'ektetheisai' and not ektethe?? (with a reference to Saumaise's note on Spartianus in Hist. Aug. scriptores , p. 83 of the 1671 Leiden 8vo Variorum edition).

Some copies are dated 1599, and the privilege is dated 30.12.1598.

From the military collection.

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