Commentaria in C. Iulii Solini polyhistora. Lucii Flori de Romanorum rebus gestis, libros . . . praeterea Pomponii Melae de orbis situ libri tres, cum commentariis Ioachimi Vadiani. Basle, Henricus Petri,

CAMERS Joannes (1557.)


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Woodcut coat-of-arms of Vadian on p. 222 of second part, small ornamental woodcut initials, printer's device at end.

2 parts in one. Folio. [24]ff. "478" [i.e. 476]pp. [16]ff. "297" [i.e. 299]pp. Contemporary limp vellum.

Collected edition of various commentaries by Joannes Camers on the works of Solinus, Lucius Florus and the Tabula Cebetis.

The author was born Giovanni Ricuzzi Vellini from Camerino and for many years was a teacher at the University of Vienna where he formed a lifelong friendship with his pupil Joachim Vadian. The second part of the work is devoted to several works by Vadian, including his commentary to Pomponius Mela, beginning with a poem in Greek and Latin on astrologers; at the end are several short works, De insignibus familiae Vadianorum (a poetical explanation of his family's coat-of-arms), an exchange of letters with Rodolphus Agricola with references to the discovery of America by Vespucci, and a witty poem entitled Gallus pugnans.

The work repeats Camers' preface from the 1520 Vienna edition, the first one to have any American interest.

VD16 S6970. BMSTC (German), p. 819. Adams S1395.

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