Divina quaedam S. Ephraem Opera mille ducentis iam annis è Syra in Graecam linguam, nunc autem e Graeca in Latinam versa. Petro Francisco Zino Veronensi interprete.Dillingen, Sebald Mayer, 1562.



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8o (150 x 105mm). [8]ff, 144pp. Contemporary limp vellum using a vellum fragment from a 15th-century liturgical manuscript, initials and rubrication in red, double columns, gothic type, partial text from Mark 14:1-5 on front cover, Wisdom 2: 16-20 on lower cover, overlapping fore-edges, shelf-mark at foot of spine (spine darkened, ties missing).

Dillingen, Sebald Mayer, 

An unusual 16th-century limp vellum binding made up of a fragment of a 15th-century manuscript leaf including text from the Gospel of St Mark.

The spiritual writings of Saint Ephraem (ca. 306-373), are here translated into Latin from the Greek and Syriac by Pietro Francesco Zino (1520-73), canon of Verona. They had  first been published the previous year in Venice. Added are also the Vita Sancti Ephraem by Gregorius of Nyssa (p.124ff) and his life from the Historia ecclesiastica of Nicephoros Callistus. Saint Ephraem was an important Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian, still revered in the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Provenance: “In usum Colegij Societatis Jesu Ingolstadij” and “Catalog. Nr 271” on the fly leaves.

VD16: E1576. Adams E 212. Hoffmann II, 127.

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