DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

DISRAELI, Benjamin 1804-1881. Statesman and Novelist


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Autograph Letter Signed ("B Disraeli") to "Dear Mrs. Bulwer", also named at the end of the letter as "Mrs Lytton Bulwer" [evidently Elizabeth Lytton Bulwer, later Bulwer Lytton, mother of Disraeli's friend the novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton] assuring her of his continued regard and continuing that "it was odd that my electioneering struggles should terminate in being MP for Maidstone".

8 pages 8vo, Bradenham, High Wycombe, n.d. [1837].

A long and revealing early letter, written from his parents' home at Bradenham. After several unsuccessful attempts at gaining a seat as a radical, in 1837 Disraeli had been elected as Tory M.P. for Maidstone. It was a two member constituency, and his fellow Tory M.P. was the wealthy Wyndham Lewis. Lewis died suddenly in March 1838, and the next year Disraeli married his widow, the impulsive Mary Anne. In this letter Disraeli is most probably referring to this couple when he writes of "the Wyndhams."

"I have dedicated for the last fortnight the first hour to you, which should find me free from a continual headache and all the ailments that flesh is heir to, except a pain in the heart; & now, in despair, I must beg you to pardon the stupidity of these lines, which I only send, lest, if indeed you remember your kindness in having written to me, you should deem me insensible of what I felt, & shall always feel, a most friendly & gratifying recollection. I assure you it required not the sight of your handwriting to remind me of your existence. I have never forgotten the agreeable hours I have spent under your roof, or the many kindnesses I have received from you. I hope we may yet & quickly meet again.

It was odd that my electioneering struggles sho[ul]d terminate in being M.P. for Maidstone. As I am already a believer in destiny, it required not this strange occurrence, & doubly strange from the manner in which it took place, to confirm me in my oriental-creed. The Wyndhams have paid us a visit here within these few days, of which the only fault was, that it was too short.

I hope you have not forgotten that you are not a stranger to any beneath this roof. It affords me sincere gratification, that my family have had an opportunity of making your charming acquaintance . . . But we are the children of the Gods & are never more the slaves of circumstances than when we deem ourselves their masters. What may next happen in the dazzling farce of life, the Fates only know. Perhaps in the rapid & unexpected change of the scene, it may allow me to express to Mrs. Lytton Bulwer how very sincerely & heartily I am her obliged servant & sincere friend B Disraeli"

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