Autograph Letter Signed ("Francis Galton") to Professor Richard Norris in Birmingham, warmly thanking him "for the valuable volume you have sent me" [evidently Norris's own Physiology and Pathology of the Blood].

GALTON, Francis 1822-1911. Founder of the science of eugenics; cousin of Charles Darwin (1903)


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1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf and the original stamped and postmarked autograph envelope, 42 Rutland Gate, 4 July 1903.

"I hardly know how to thank you adequately for the very valuable volume you have sent me, which is clearly destined to be a classical work on the blood. The micro photographs are most beautiful & tell their stories with wonderful clearness, I can recall no work in which photography has done more service than in yours . . ."

Galton is best remembered as the founder of eugenics, based on his research into heredity, a subject brought to his notice by his reading of his cousin's Origin of Species.He himself had created the word eugenics, based on the greek roots for 'beautiful' and 'heredity'. His scientific research also covered less controversial fields; his Meteorographica laid the foundations of weather forecasting, and he coined the term "anticyclone".

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