Euphemia Franklin

Customer Relations & Graphic Design

Euphemia joined in 2021 while completing her master’s degree in History of Design at the V&A and Royal College of Art. During this time, she split her days between writing her thesis on hidden decoration in Japanese men’s dress and absorbing as much as possible about books and bookselling at Maggs. She now manages the firm’s Instagram account, taking daily dives into the enormous and wide-ranging stock, through which she has come to know about dance cards, Swiss winemaking and, most importantly, how to style a seventeenth century musket.


Euphemia is usually the voice on the other end of the phone and the first person to welcome visitors to Bedford Square. Having studied graphic design at Kingston School of Art and the Kyoto Institute of Technology, she is also the firm’s in-house graphic designer, and is proud to have introduced the first ever Maggs branded pencil.  


She is fluent in Japanese.


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